Hi – welcome to my website.

Words are a powerful tool. They can be very effective in helping to:

        • Enhance your credibility;
        • Establish your professionalism;
        • Reduce misunderstanding, confusion and ambiguity; and
        • Help develop trust and confidence in you and/or your service. 

As an experienced editor,  trained in language and composition, I provide an independent knowledgeable perspective of your material, quickly pick up errors and discrepancies and, where appropriate, make suggestions and recommendations that enhance the effectiveness of your message and credibility and professionalism.

I help to enhance the effectiveness of your communications by ensuring that they are:

        • Well-written and free of errors in grammar, spelling and syntax;
        • Clear and concise;
        • Presented in language that is relevant, understandable and appropriate to your audience; and
        • Consistent in their message and presentation.

My experience and expertise have been earned by providing services in both English and French to a diverse group of clients, such as:

      • the financial sector, including each of the Big 5 Banks, a large commercial insurance company and several investment companies. For these clients, in addition to standard proofreading and editing of corporate and internal communications, copy decks, direct mail and        e-mail material, I have frequently reviewed financial statements, charts and financial graphics, as well as banner ads, vokens and web pages;
      • marketing and advertising agencies, for whom I have developed style sheets, training guidelines and educational material, as well as providing data mapping logic reviews and standard proofreading and editing  services, particularly for intricate, multi-cell projects;
      • the biopharmaceutical, health and wellness and medical equipment sectors , where, in addition to proofreading and editing, my services have included developing and writing seminar and educational material, sales brochures, catalogues and newsletters.

I’m a member in good standing in the Editors Association of Canada, which requires strict adherence to its Professional Editorial Standards.