I’m a fluently bilingual freelance business editor and proofreader with over 20 years’ experience. My experience and expertise have been developed by providing services in both English and French to a diverse group of clients, including, but not limited to, TD Bank, RBC, CIBC, BMO, Tangerine Bank, Manulife, CPA Canada, CBIA Lawyers Financial, The Globe & Mail, Habitat for Humanity, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Alzheimer Society, Ganz Canada, Amsco Canada, and Quark Expeditions.

One of my strengths is my experience in data mapping, logic reviews, and working with complex multi-cell projects containing variable content drawn from data tables and matrix tables, a skill that I often draw on, especially with my financial and insurance clients.

Company communicators spend a lot of time tweaking and rewriting material to ensure the words and phrasing used in their messages are not only clear and relevant, but also that they accurately reflect the brand tone and voice they want to project. Sometimes, this message must be delivered in French, but the actual message can sometimes be “lost in translation” and not accurately reflect the intent of the source material. My proficiency in both English and French, and my skill and experience in verifying the translated material, have often proven to be of great benefit to my clients.

In addition to my extensive editorial experience, I have a solid management background. For over 3 years, I was the Managing Editor of College Canada, a controlled circulation, bilingual magazine directed to post-secondary educators and administrators, and I was the Vice President of CDMA — the Canadian Direct Marketing Association (now CMA) — for over 5 years.

I’m a member in good standing with the Editors Association of Canada, which requires strict adherence to its Professional Editorial Standards. I’m also a member of the New York-based Editorial Freelancers Association.