Comprehensive Proofreading

  • Ensuring there are no errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or syntax
  • Correcting minor, mechanical errors (such as spelling mistakes or deviations from style sheet)
  • Examining material after layout or in its final format to correct errors in textual and visual elements
  • Checking page numbers against content and page references
  • Checking for adherence to design

Copy Editing

  • Ensuring correctness, accuracy, consistency, and completeness of copy
  • Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style
  • Checking for consistency and continuity of mechanics and facts
  • Ensuring copy fits the space provided and making recommendations for amending, if warranted
  • Reviewing tables, figures and lists and verifying indexes and tables of contents
  • Ensuring consistent application of Canadian or U.S. spelling and style


Stylistic & Comparative Editing

  • Proofreading and standard copy editing
  • Editing to clarify meaning, and to ensure coherence and flow
  • Non-mechanical line-by-line editing, including eliminating jargon and maintaining an appropriate language level
  • Adjusting the alignment, spacing, length and structure of sentences and paragraphs
  • Comparing the content of translated text to ensure the translation is faithful to the original
  • Ensuring accurate reflection of brand tone and voice in translated material


Data Field Mapping

  • Ensuring data fields are correctly identified, placed and established
  • Checking accuracy of data fields
  • Ensuring copy within data fields is accurate and error-free
  • Ensuring copy between fields is accurate and error-free