Please refer to the Glossary section for more information about these services.

    • Comprehensive Proofreading
    • Copy/Content Editing
    • Stylistic Editing
    • Translation/Comparative Editing
    • Writing for Business and Marketing
    • Web Content Editing   
    • Writing for the Web


                                                                AREAS OF EDITORIAL EXPERTISE

              • Financial, Insurance, and Investment material such as Annual Reports, financial statements, prospectuses, fund facts, investment offerings
              • Corporate Communications
              • Agency-generated Marketing and Advertising Programs
              • Data field mapping and complex programs with variable content in print media, data tables & matrix tables
              • Visual elements: typography, layout, charts, graphs, formatting, visual placement of data and captioning
              • Technical spec sheets, user manuals & product profiles
              • Developing and updating corporate style guides
              • Rewriting material to ensure coherent structure and logical progression of ideas to better present information